Love will set you free!



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When I’m in your warm embrace,

All the resistance it takes.

I’m melting in your arms,

Succumbing to your charms.

I tried to stay away, I swear

Convincing myself, I didn’t care.

Rejection in love is hard to bear,

I buried all emotions beneath many layers.

I’ve come so far, there’s no going back

Love is there, it’s the commitment you lack.

Chasing your dreams, there’s no time for love

Caging a free bird, whom I’m trying to bluff?

Turning stone cold, spurning your advances

Now with love, I didn’t want to take any chances.

Still one look from you and my heart missed a beat,

All my resolve took a backseat.

Believe in love, it will not betray you.

Have faith in love,love will not dismay or enslave you.

Love without expectations, it will set you free,

I’m ready for love,  this time I won’t flee.

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